Our Shop History

1974 TO 1976
At 1330 Rosslyn road, our founder Ted Ciotucha started a customizing and paint shop called Rosslyn Motorcycle Clinic. Here we made and customized parts as there were no aftermarket suppliers then. He worked in construction by day, and on bikes on evenings & weekends. We even silk-screened our own t-shirts on his dining room table. As the workload increased, he hired staff and was the logical choice when the Harley-Davidson® franchise became available. The back yard garage was not suitable any longer and a new building was in order.

1977 TO 1984
The new shop was four times the size of the old one, and when it was completed, Thunder Bay Harley-Davidson® was born. As the demands on Ted's time increased, he quit his job in construction to build the city's first and still only single line dealership. For the first time customers did not have to walk around lawn mowers, snow machines, or power products to get to the Harley-Davidson® motorcycles.

Ted received this 1983 Low Rider in recognition of his efforts in his Rural Dealership category. Three motorcycles were awarded by Deeley that year. The paint was designed by Willy G Davidson himself. Ted rode this motorcycle for 10 years with trips to Sturgis and the Harley-Davidson Anniversary Celebrations in Milwaukee. Ted hadremoved the air cleaner and tins to preserve them and replaced the with blue tins and rode the bike for another decade or so. It has recently been restored to its original condition.

1993 TO 2001
The Harley-Davidson® Motor Company's commitment to product improvements and increased demand for our motorcycles made the showroom too small to handle the volume of people looking for accessories, motor clothes®, and collectibles. A massive renovation doubled it's size and made it possible to offer our customers a modern exclusive Harley-Davidson® retail outlet, that would make anyone feel welcome and comfortable. Work continues on the outside as the parking lot has been expanded, and look for the service dept. improvements. In the meantime drop in any time, the complementary coffee is always fresh.

2002 TO 2004
More picture windows on the front and side of the shop, gives the inside lots of light. Trees are relocated to the rear and a boardwalk in the front will give visitors a place to rest in the shade.

2004 TO 2008
The acquisition of the property at 636 Arthur Street West has given us a presence on the busiest intersection for hundreds of miles around Thunder Bay. The Bar & Shield will be seen by every Harley Rider traveling across our great country as well as riders coming into Thunder Bay from the USA .

In October 2009 construction commenced to see all departments of Thunder Bay Harley-Davidson® under one roof. This was achieved March 2013, when the final department, "Service", was moved into the Arthur Street location. After 39 years there is no longer a Harley-Davidson® Dealership at the Roslyn Road location. Although final touches and behind-the-scenes construction still continues, it is wonderful to have our Bike Sales, Service, Parts & Accessories and Motor Clothes Sales all under one roof.

Thunder Bay Harley wins the Gold Circle of Excellence Western Region - for outstanding performance and delivering experience that fulfill the dreams of our customers.

OFFICIAL GRAND OPENING this summer at our new location. Click here

Thunder Bay Harley celebrates 40 years.